THe Chocolate Notebook

About The Notebook

As a team of three #womeninchocolate we combined all of our passions, skills, and sensitivities to create the kind of notebook we hadn't seen before, but one we knew we would use every day. The result is a practical keepsake that serves as a calendar, daily organizer, notepad, and offers pages for recipe inspiration, goal tracking, and more. 


This is the second edition of printing, and has been completely redesigned, with original illustrations, content, and added sections. Like the first print, it's customizable to your needs and lifestyle. Start whenever you'd like (there are no dates, it's a blank canvas!), color yours, add tabs, connect with other notebook users via #thechocolatenotebook. 


Technical specifications:
A5 size format, 210 x 148 mm / 8.27 x 5.83 inches
120 total pages
Black & white
Gloss cover
Bound with a black plastic spiral ring
Weight 13 oz. / 420g
Printed in Florida, USA

who we are

We're three non-conforming chocolate friends living in three different countries, with three very different skillsets, all united by cacao and our goals of building a professional life centered around it. 


Cyndi Clement is an artist and metalsmith based in Ontario, Canada, who specializes in one-of-a-kind cacao jewelry pieces. She gave life to this notebook with her drawings and design concepts, and is the team’s newest partner. She loves riding her bike along the canal and taking the SUP on the lake. Meditatively drinking chocolate is one of her favorite pastimes. Find her reaching for a chocolate to share from her purse and soldering a custom bronze, silver, or gold necklace at @canadianchocoholic


Lauren Heineck is a community centric introvert and micro-batch chocolate maker. For the last few years she has dedicated herself to uncover the ‘why’ and ‘who’ behind this beloved - and often misunderstood - food. She dreamt of creating The Chocolate Notebook one fateful night and counts herself lucky to have added two strong women to the vision. She lives in Spain and enjoys walking for kilometers followed by or in search of a specialty cappuccino. At home cookies are almost always in the oven. She waxes poetic or carps about many things via various channels @laurenonthewknd @wkndchocolate @welltemperedmedia


Anelisa Lauri, MBA is an international chocolate judge, taster and educator, who enthusiastically supports small businesses, particularly #womeninchocolate. First and foremost she is a dedicated mom, wife, daughter, and friend. She feels most connected to cacao that draws her closer to her ancestors from Honduras. Anelisa was instrumental in creating the first edition and thrives in executing projects to fruition. She lives in Florida, USA and eats chocolate in some variation daily, regardless of humidity levels. Share a smile and a swap with her at @chocolatedriven.